Thank you for stopping by my website. I am passionate about health and wellness and bringing harmony to ourselves and the planet. My purpose is to illuminate transformation and restore balance through yoga teachings, massage offerings, and other programs designed to improve your well being. I am also passionate about supporting couples, individuals, and yoga teachers explore the power of Partner Yoga practices.

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"An hour of Partner Yoga with Lara Barber is a quiet surprise that keeps me smiling through a busy work week. Combine one-part assisted yoga, one-part massage, and one-part meditation and it's like hitting the reset button for a calm grounded vitality that transports me back to center and soothes my savage beast! For me, partner yoga is twice as much fun -- and twice as satisfying -- as either just doing yoga or just getting a massage. And Lara's easy-going style has nudged, coaxed and smooshed me into poses I never could achieve by myself!  The give and take, effort and relaxation, strengthening and stretching of partner yoga is the perfect blend of ingredients to pull body mind and spirit back together, and it is the perfect reminder that we are all in this great experience of life together. Thank you Lara :)
Andy Oriel, CMT


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Introductory offer for new clients {massage and private yoga} is only $55 per hour or $75 for an hour and a half!
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Principle Based Partner Yoga™

Principle Based Partner Yoga™ is a simple yet profound style of yoga that incorporates 11 universal principles to inspire awakened and authentic connection in each practice.

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